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meet nikolina: minneapolis vintage wedding gown guru

Nikolina, Andrea's Vintage Bridal on People with Panache

“Everybody has their thing they’re after,” Nikolina says near the Willis Tower in Chicago. “That feeling they want to have on their wedding day. Our dresses are so diverse that ultimately, I can find that feeling whatever it is.”

After making the long journey to and from the Twin Cities, I finally caught up with Nikolina Erickson-Gunther back in Chicago. Nikolina runs Andrea’s Vintage Bridal in Minneapolis with her mom, Andrea. While Nikolina was visiting Chicago to attend a wedding Continue reading

meet kimberly: chicago pr pro

Kimberly Eberl of Motion PR on People with Panache

This is Kim. She always knew she wanted to be in PR. “It was the process of elimination,” she says. “I don’t like blood and guts, so I’m not doing medicine. I don’t like math. I’m not good at science. I love to write and talk and be creative.”

I rarely feel short. But when I walked into Motion PR, I was greeted by two women who were about 5-foot-10, wearing 4-inch heels. I was there, in flats, to meet Kimberly Eberl: founder and principal. Continue reading

meet andrea: milwaukee artist and author

Andrea Skyberg on People with Panache

Andrea and her husband, Michael, started their marriage off living in Nigeria. (Andrea was on a Fulbright scholarship for sculpture!) When she returned with beautiful African clothes, she used the vibrant fabrics in her art.

When I set out to go to college, get internships and find a job, I don’t think I processed the prospect of spending 40 hours a week in a cornflower-blue cubicle. That’s a lot of time to literally be thinking inside the box. Continue reading

meet gina marie: minneapolis vintage fashion designer

Gina Marie Landes of Gina Marie Vintage and Velvet Moon on People with Panache

I asked Gina if she considers herself a walking advertisement for her clothes. “Sometimes I try to wear more stuff when I’m selling my line, but I’m kind of shy about it,” she humbly says.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Gina Marie Landes. At Drake University, Alysse and I and eight classmates created Urban Plains, our school’s first student-run all-digital mag. I met Minnesota-native Gina Marie through a mutual friend, and in our awesome digital edition I wrote about Gina Marie Vintage, Landes’ then-new business selling vintage clothing and accessories online. A lot has changed Continue reading