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meet gretchen: changing the food system in milwaukee

Gretchen Mead with Panache

Another awesome Gretchen win: She got her children’s school to stop serving chocolate milk at every meal and snack. “Part of what was astounding to me in the municipality where I live was the sort of unquestionable and accidental institutional racism occurring through the food system. It’s not intentional, but people don’t consider in a community like Shorewood that most of the low-income people come from the inner city, with a high and growing rate of diabetes within African-Americans. Students come here on the food program and have access to chocolate milk up to four times a day! Each has the sugar equivalent of a soda of the same size.”

“Today is going to be chaotic.

“We are trying to do a very big job, so if it’s not happening exactly how you thought it might, just go with it.

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meet kait: milwaukee momma & support system

Kait Moon on People With Panache

“There are 7 billion breasts on the planet, and they’re all different! We’re humans; we’re not dolls,” says Kait. “We’re not mass-produced and that’s a beautiful thing. Some of us aren’t given that information and sometimes never realize how special we are.”

“I’m always so surprised when I see pictures that I have 4 kids!” says Kait Moon, 37, multi-talented mom, artist, writer, breastfeeding consultant and more. Funny thought—but I’m sure many moms agree. I know my own parents sometimes can’t believe they have a 25-year-old! (Sometimes I can’t believe I’m 25 either—last weekend, Kate and I and our two college roomies, Kaia and Amelia, pulled my mattress, blankets and pillows into my living room and made a comfy fort. It was fantastic.)

There’s something about being immersed in a life you love—everything seems to go so crazy fast! In our one wild and precious life, Kate and I want to help others be happier and more fulfilled—which is a big reason we do this blog. We do it to share the stories of people like Kait Moon every week. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us! Continue reading

meet laurel: chicago marketing entrepreneur x 2

Laurel Rundle, All for Schools, People with Panache

Laurel says her favorite part of owning her own business is “having the flexibility to really create, change and build something the way you want it built and to work with who you want to work with.”

I know I should think anything is possible—we pin it and tweet it and share stories about it every week. After talking with Laurel Rundle, I finally believe it. I can’t wait to have my own business one day, but sometimes when you tell people you want to be an entrepreneur, like Liz Kammel said, you’re basically admitting you’re a little nuts.

Laurel gets it. She’s not only in the middle of running one company—she just launched a second!

Laurel’s two start-ups, Aha Marketing and All for Schools, are completely different but speak well to her passions. I couldn’t wait to hear Laurel’s story, so I started from the beginning with Aha Marketing. Continue reading

meet christin and scott: milwaukee salami masters

Bolzano Artisan Meats on People with Panache

On dividing the work as a couple: Scott says, “We do have our titles, which are half joking, so there are some things that are hers versus mine. It’s been organic how we just each have a specialty. Some things that are just too heavy, so I’m kind of the mule and Christin’s the one actually figuring stuff out.”

Just about four years ago, I saw the documentary “Food Inc.”

And then I saw it a few more times, with anyone I could get to watch it with me. (Hi, Mom!) I had never felt more compelled to share something, Continue reading