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Welcome to People with Panache!

We, Alysse and Kate, are the ladies behind this growing blog, and we met in college at Drake University. We were roommates for three years and are friends for life.

Cartoon Alysse & Kate

After getting our first real-world jobs, we were excited to explore this next step in life—but something was missing. So we created People with Panache to find and share a weekly source of inspiration and provide stories of exceptional women making a difference in their worlds and ours. Whether we all realize it or not, we each create our own special impact on every single day, so we hope to provide you with examples of women doing that with panache.

Alysse lives in Milwaukee and Kate lives in Chicago. But we share the peoplewithpanache@gmail.com email address—so drop us a line!

4 thoughts on “about alysse & kate

  1. Randy Bordelon

    My name is Randy Bordelon. My dear, sweet sister is Mona Vnuk. She sent me an e-mail telling me to check out your People with Panache blog. Mona had the nicest things to say about you, ie, “she is the sweetest girl in the world and so full of energy”. I wish you much, much success with your blog. I’m all for anything that empowers women.

    Bossier City, La.

  2. peoplewithpanache

    Hi Randy!

    Thanks for stopping by to read the blog! That means so much to Kate and me. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share it with women who will also appreciate it. We are so excited to share these stories!

    All my best, and sending hugs,

    1. peoplewithpanache

      Hi Zhenya,

      We’re so glad you found us, too! Hopefully you’ll find our upcoming stories inspiring. We have an exciting variety, so you never know who we’ll come up with next! Stick around. 🙂

      All our best,
      Alysse & Kate

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