alysse’s trip to africa

When I think of the best trips of my life, moments from each come to my mind in specific snapshots. I do this on purpose; in special moments, I’ll do a little sensory check-in, feeling what my feet are touching, how my skin feels, what I taste, little details of what I see, what sounds are passing by my ears. That’s how I can still vividly recall lazily floating in the ocean, the warm sea holding me as I tasted the last drops of fresh coconut water on my yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I can smell the pine needles under our tent in central Wisconsin on my first camping trip with my boyfriend. I can still see a hummingbird breathing at the speed of a fast-beating heart in its cocoon-like nest in the Amazon.

Especially since it was just two weeks ago, I can also still hear the trumpet of a teenage male elephant as he ran toward my family in a “mock charge.” My parents and I were on a safari—definitely among the very coolest weeks-and-a-half of my life—and “mock peed our pants.”

Check out a few of my favorite snapshots from my family’s trip to southern Zimbabwe and northern Botswana. Which are your favorites? Please share in the comments—I might even enter some of these into a photo contest to win my way back to Botswana! (I thought that trip would be once-in-a-lifetime, but I really, really hope I’m wrong.)

PS: If you’d like any of my photos for your own use—hello desktop backgrounds—please ask first. Include your email, and I’ll do my best to send photos promptly.

Alysse in Africa 01[ellie on the move]
Alysse in Africa 02[full-time jackal, part-time model] Alysse in Africa 05[no matter their size, kitties love the sun]
Alysse in Africa 07[those big ears are certainly not meant to be cute] Alysse in Africa 04[as if the animals were the only stunning thing around]
Alysse in Africa 03[the king] Alysse in Africa 06[funky dancing guinea fowl] Alysse in Africa 08[one beauty amid a herd of over 50 lady + baby impala—with one male] Alysse in Africa 09[the real cheetah girls]
Alysse in Africa 10[cheetah] Alysse in Africa 11[juvenile owl] Alysse in Africa 12[baby buddies]
Alysse in Africa 13[lady kudu]Alysse in Africa 14[birds aren’t the only babies who stay safe in trees]Alysse in Africa 15[warthogs]Alysse in Africa 16[hyena don’t give a care]Alysse in Africa 17[leopard]
Alysse in Africa 18[red lechwe + baby]Alysse in Africa 24[baboon]
Alysse in Africa 22[peek-a-boo]Alysse in Africa 23[the “wild beast” a.k.a. wildebeest]Alysse in Africa 20[zebra]Alysse in Africa 21[zimbabwe]

[Photos by Alysse.]

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