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meet bethany: revolutionizing education in milwaukee (escuela verde series 03)

Bethany Vannest

“I’ve always felt the education system is unfair the way that we assess students,” Bethany says. “I’ve always worked in Milwaukee, and I wanted to teach here. It’s made me look at the education system and just say, ‘What’s “wrong” with MPS? What’s “wrong” with students in Milwaukee?’ Nothing inherently—a lot of students have been traumatized! Trauma totally affects the way brains take in learning, affects the ability to sit in a desk and feel like you can ace this test, affects the ability to sit in this chair and listen for 60 minutes.”

Today, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In workplaces and churches, community centers and homes—blogs, too!—we all honor and continue his quest toward justice, equality and peace.

Just as I was writing this, I got a text from my boyfriend, James:

“I want to live in a world that is not controlled by money and greed; where kids can play in the streets and be safe; where individuals can work in collaboration and help one another rather than fighting over political, racial, religious and monetary differences; where we use resources given to us thoughtfully, rather than destroying the one planet we have.”

I want to live in that world with him. (Don’t you? We’re getting chickens!)

Well, this wasn’t random. Last night, I returned from a retreat for the Food Leader Certificate Program, in which I am a mentor. The weekend was about turning dreams into plans (and task lists), organizing communities to meet common goals, and servant leadership. And changing the world starting with changing ourselves. To me, it was bliss and filled my heart and mind with ideas and hope. It also seems like an effortless transition to MLK Day. Continue reading