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doodle day: zip it, zip it good

What do you get when you combine a love for shopping with a math nerd? One great business idea. Next week, check out the service Liz provides that allowed her to apply her love of numbers to a need she saw among her friends.


[Doodle by Lucca.]

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meet gina marie: minneapolis vintage fashion designer

Gina Marie Landes of Gina Marie Vintage and Velvet Moon on People with Panache

I asked Gina if she considers herself a walking advertisement for her clothes. “Sometimes I try to wear more stuff when I’m selling my line, but I’m kind of shy about it,” she humbly says.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Gina Marie Landes. At Drake University, Alysse and I and eight classmates created Urban Plains, our school’s first student-run all-digital mag. I met Minnesota-native Gina Marie through a mutual friend, and in our awesome digital edition I wrote about Gina Marie Vintage, Landes’ then-new business selling vintage clothing and accessories online. A lot has changed Continue reading