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people with panache turned three!

Panache Parties

Our 2015 People with Panache parties! The top is the whole crew in Milwaukee at the Ruby Tap. Bottom is the Panache women in Chicago at Beauty and Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space.

People with Panache just celebrated our third birthday! So we looked back on our year, and some themes popped out: Courage. Creativity. Commitment. And, of course, compassion.

The women we’ve met through this adventure traversing the Midwest aren’t doing what our culture would consider “realistic.” If there are rules related to what they’re doing, they’re breaking them. They’re setting their own paths, sticking to them and making plans that become reality. Beyoncé’s not the only one, ladies.

Whether your dream is to have a solid job so you can take your two weeks at the turquoise-iest beach a plane can reach, or you will not stop until you start the business that puts your values out into the world, we are with you.
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meet meiko: food justice “guerrilla” in detroit


Meiko Krishok, People with Panache

Meiko uses commercial kitchen space behind the yoga studio where she also works. “I’m a person who likes to have multiple things going on at once,” she says. “At first it took me a minute to settle in and be comfortable here, but I actually appreciate that between classes I take and teach I can take inventory, mop, eat lunch.”

By the end of this weekend, I was feeling both weighed down and floating on some dreamy little love cloud. It was the end of the Food Leader Certificate Program retreat No. 1 at Wellspring in West Bend, Wis. Twenty food system warriors both new and experienced joined together to dream up world-changing visions, learn about the food system, and start laying plans for the future—and it was beautiful.

But it’s still hard not to feel powerless amid the daunting problems in our food system and ecosystem and the grief traversing what seems like our entire planet this month—and really any given month. If we were truly able to process and experience the despair and sadness that comes with each tragedy—the bloody attacks in Paris, the landslide that wiped an entire town from the map in Brazil, the harrowing journey of refugees across oceans and continents, and obviously more—I can’t imagine any of us would be able to move on with our lives.

So instead, Kate and I believe that we each must make as positive a mark as we individually can on our loved ones and our communities—and thus the world. (Remember what Grace Lee Boggs said about changing yourself to change the world?)

Who’s with us?

In Detroit, I met Meiko Krishok, 29. Of mixed Korean and Italian-Polish descent, Meiko has been exposed to different cultures her whole life. She has passions for languages and traveling—and food is often her method of exploration. She’s using it to help heal a city in need.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Meiko’s world travels eventually brought her to Detroit to put down roots. Food is still her passion. And it has become her profession, too, through Guerrilla Food.
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