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fruity nutty affair 2016

Welcome to the Fruity Nutty Affair!

American chestnuts, peaches and a sweet cherry, oh my!

Last Saturday, Feb. 20, was Victory Garden Initiative’s aptly-named Fruity Nutty Affair. This is Alysse’s big evening she pours her heart into every year, and it was my first time being able to go! The Affair is all about raising the money needed to plant five urban orchards in Milwaukee communities. VGI’s goal with the Fruity Nutty Five Contest: To protect the environment, improve public health, and strengthen their community, all through growing fruits and nuts in the city—where food is needed most. In the past, neighborhoods have won and planted apples, pears and paw-paws in their front and back yards. Churches, schools and community centers have also been awarded orchards, connecting their missions with food and where it comes from—the outdoors! One of the coolest ones to me: the grocery store that planted their trees along the sidewalk, welcoming all passersby to pick some fruit on their way in. Continue reading

meet lauren and steve: milwaukee movers, shakers and ice cream makers

Lauren and Steve Schultz on People With Panache

Steve says, “My biggest inspiration is Lauren—just who she is and knowing that she can be the catalyst to make something like this happen and follow through. Her authenticity, her genuineness with it, how she does it. You’ve inspired me since I met you.”

Disclaimer: I was not paid in ice cream to write sweet things about Lauren and Steve Schultz. They and their ice cream company, Purple Door, are already wonderful enough on their own. Continue reading