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People with Panache

Our first PWP business card! We can’t wait for our new ones to be ready very soon!

Alysse: On Tuesday night, an HDMI cord almost ruined my plans. (And I’m still not entirely sure what an HDMI cord is, but anyway…)

Eight friends were coming over to watch The Empowerment Project, and I didn’t have quite the right technology going on… so we crammed onto my two couches, put my laptop on a kitchen chair, passed around some popcorn and my favorite apple-Brie cheese deliciousness and watched The Empowerment Project! WAY more special than using a TV, right?

Kate: About 90 miles south, a few nights later, I gathered a bunch of friends and a couple bottles of vino and nuzzled up (probably a little less close together) for The Empowerment Project. We teared up at the pilot’s story, laughed at the mathematician, and had one of those nights where you talk so much that all of a sudden it’s 11:30, and you feel like you’ve only gotten started. Continue reading

update: congrats to “the empowerment project”!

The Empowerment Project on People With Panache

Kate on the left, Alysse on the right, our favorite documentary in the middle! “The Empowerment Project” is for everyone, and we can’t wait to hear about its travels, empowering people all over the world.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled interview to bring you an update on “The Empowerment Project!”

On Sunday night, we went to the cozy Music Box Theater in Chicago for the third screening ever of “The Empowerment Project.” Fancy, huh? We hope you remember it from our interview with Sarah (and many, many Facebook posts). “The Empowerment Project” is a documentary following a film crew of five women as they hop in a minivan and travel across the country to meet ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Continue reading

meet sarah: documentary filmmaker empowering women everywhere

Sarah Moshman on People with Panache

“Just hearing those stories, you can’t help being like what’s that for me? What’s my film, what’s my space shuttle launch, what’s my skate across the country? Everyone has that. It’s just whether or not you bring it out.”

Sarah Moshman is a woman after our own hearts. She traveled 7,128 miles in a minivan with five girls through 22 states to shoot 17 interviews in 10 cities over the course of more than 34 days. Whew! We thought driving seven hours to Minneapolis was a trek. Continue reading

doodle day: jump for joy

When we discovered what Sarah Moshman was doing, we couldn’t not interview her. She recently finished filming a documentary called The Empowerment Project. To make it happen, Sarah and her all-woman team drove across the country and interviewed—yep, you guessed it—smart, strong, inspiring women in every field you can imagine. We were jumping for joy! Check out the GIF below.


[Doodle by Lucca.]

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